#1 Super Food

Popular Television show host has called the acai berry many things. But her long time friend and famous celebrity doctor has named the acai berry the “#1 Super Food.” Why is the acai considered to be Super Food? Well, in a recent episode both proclaimed the acai berry as the most healthy food. The introduction of this berry has caused a major stir in the media world. A lot of its fame coming from fans.

So what is so great about this super food? Nutrition wise the acai berry contains double the amount of antioxidants than its rival pomegranate. The title super food cannot just be labeled on any fruit, other super foods like the Cranberry and red wine only contain one key ingredient. As for the acai berry it contains much more. Omega-3 fats, A, B1, D vitamins, which are essential for health and help the body absorb calcium. To be labeled as a super food the acai berry is quite the contender.

Where does the acai berry Originate? Found in the jungles of the amazon, the acai berry is used by the natives as a barter tool, medicine, and meat marinate. Growing on large palm trees high in the jungle canopy this berry grows in bunches of two to four, each berry growing about the size of a marble. an individual berry contains double the antioxidants than a piece of pomegranate the same size, another reason why the acai berry holds itself as a super food.

Inside the acai berry, there is a seed about half the berries size that is surrounded by juices which contain most of the vital nutrients. Natives will crush the berry whole and drink the juice or rub it in meats for a marinate. The left over pulp often dried and used as medicine over wounds. Although everybody may not know the acai berry as a  super food, it has been studied and tested around the world. Proven to increase energy, suppress appetite, and thicken hair. The high vitamin D content helps the body absorb calcium.

With all these health benefits there is no wonder the acai berry has been named a super food.

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