Acai Berry Scam Warning! March 21, 2009

When you hear about a great product that has such wonderful benefits as the Acai Berry, you may find yourself searching the Internet for more information on such an amazing product. The problem is that when there is a good product out there a lot of people try to find ways to make money off of it. While some people will do this in an ethical way, there are a lot of others that will try to do it in a dishonest way. You have to be careful and watch out for those people.

One way that people will try to take advantage of you is to set up a fake blog that is set up as a decoy. The blog is put out there in an attempt to persuade you to click on the links that are on the blog. You will see advertisements which promise you such things as free Acai Berry samples for you to try at no cost. However, when you click on these links you will find yourself being taken to a website that tries to convince you of why you should get your Acai products from them. Suddenly you realize that they aren’t offering free products at all, but trying to sell them for you.

Some of the web sites will tell you that when you order their Acai Berry products you are only paying for shipping and handling. Thinking that you are ordering a free item, you give them your credit card information and your shipping information. If you are lucky, you may be charged for just shipping and handling that time. But, shortly thereafter you will begin to see large charges on your credit card from that same company. What they have done is signed you up to receive automatic shipments. A lot of times it will be difficult to locate a phone number for the company to dispute the charges. It’s very important that you are away of these Acai Berry scams.

You will want to make sure to not fall victim to these fake blogs. Be aware that they are out there and learn to pay attention and make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of, or stolen from by falling prey to their scams. Sometimes free offers aren’t really free. If a blog takes you to one of these web sites offering free Acai Berry products then you should proceed with caution and be aware that it may be a scam.

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