What’s the best source for acai berries? December 4, 2012

revjeffpsychic asked:

Does anyone have a really good and reliable source for acai berries (or since you can’t get fresh berries, either acai capsules, juice, powder or pulp)???

There are so many sources—I’m looking for one that is reliable (good pricing, reliable shipping, quality product).

Please, no answers from distributors trying to get an order.


oldtimekid2 December 5th, 2012

The best prices (and great quality) I’ve found through various searches are at Swanson Health Products. There’s a list of Acai products at:=-1&keyword=acai&N=4294967179&Ntk=Level1&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&Ntt=acai&productDropBox=&healthConcernDropBox=&brandDropBox=

CLM December 8th, 2012

I just saw a bag of acai berries at Whole Foods. In the produce section, by the bananas.

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