CBD Oil Health Benefits October 9, 2014

A recent medical case of Dr. Sanjay Gupta became the public interest after the report of CNN. The condition of Charolette Figi, 5 year old girl improved after being treated by the extract of CBD oil derived from Cannabis. The girl was previously suffering from an unknown disease named Dravet’s syndrome in which she was surviving from continual epileptic seizures. Government was trying to brainwash Dr. Gupta.

Requests for the billing of a draft on the topic held in Utah. High CBD-strains have been overwhelmed by the parents of children who are suffering from Dravet’s in Dr. Gupta’s show, including from non-medical marijuana states.

With the help of CBD-enriched cannabis a visible seizures reduction has been noticed in a survey done by Stanford Researchers in 84% of the epileptic children. Mean time in council of Modesto City denied a request specifically by Jason David and other parents to give medicines to their children. Due to the restriction Jayden is no longer allowed to take his medicine at his school.

Parts of THC and CBD are found in Sativex, a natural cannabis extract developed by the GW Pharmaceuticals of U.K. GW researchers found while testing the patients of sclerosis that subjects responded better to equal parts CBD and THC than to either pure THC or CBD. MS treatment by Sativex has been approved in U.K and has shown promise in human subjects for treatment of cancer pain and neuropathic pain.

“Epidiolex” a pure CBD extract is also being developed by GW which is undergoing FDA “orphan drug” studies for treatment of pediatric epilepsy. Nausea, chronic pain, anxiety, alcoholism, strokes rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular cancer, disease and other ailments may be treated by CBD. This was suggested by preclinical studies that therapeutic benefits in the treatment of various conditions will be possible by CBD.

Dr. Sean McAllister at the California Pacific Medical Center reported in their lab studies that CBD is beneficial in holding back breast cancer cells and colon cancer tumors in mice, cancer specialists caution that the efficacy of CBD for cancer remains to be demonstrated in actual human studies.

In U.S according to the reports, CBD-rich marijuana was mostly found unavailable because breeding out CBD in the process breeders had concentrated on developing plants with high THC. Approximately 5% CBD is found in people in the samples. Only with the advent of laboratory testing, it has become possible to detect and breed high-CBD varieties of cannabis, since with presence of odor CBD is undetectable.

CBD than sativas may be absent in indica varieties opposite to the popular misconception. No direct connection is found in chemical profiles, reported by the lab studies conducted by WercShop, co-sponsored by California NORML. as measured by cannabinoid and terpene content, and varietal types, whether indica or sativa. From multiple genetic stocks, development of special high potency CBD oils hybrids by breeders has been conducted. Some have virtually pure CBD, while others typically have THC; CBD ratios ranging from 2:1 to 1:2.

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