Are there any weight loss supplements that actually work? acai berries? hydroxycut? August 29, 2012

junk yard asked:

I have a pretty good diet ( I do cheat here and there ) and I exercise pretty frequently. Try to do an hour a day, 4-5 days a week. I’m just looking for that extra boost to help me lose weight. Have any of you tried a product that worked for you? Any suggestions would be great?

Seb August 30th, 2012

although i would recommend you just stick to your diet.

Lee August 31st, 2012

you could try protein shakes. Now there are certain shakes which are better than others especially for weight loss. The idea is to get a high in protein one like 90+. These can be used as a meal replacement and fill you up very quickly. The high protein ones have little carbohydrate so the unused energy does not turn into as much fat. Protein is also very good for growth and repair which is good. When I am craving some food which would be fattening instead I quickly have a shake and hunger gone. So I have 2 meals a day which are high in protein and a couple of shakes either just for hunger or prior and after a weight workout.
I have also recently purchased a george forman grill and they do drain a good amount of fat away form the food.
Its very important to keep up the exercise too. There are various foods which are supposed to increase metabolism but I have never tired these so not too sure

ClickMaster August 31st, 2012

The US is one of the most obese countries in the developed world so don’t you think if there was a supplement that worked, that gave the dieter that “extra boost”, you would know about it?? And, don’t you think the manufacturer of that supplement would be making $billions and spending a ton or money on advertising to make sure you knew about it?

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce the truth about fads, gimmicks, scams, and quick fixes for whatever it is that ails us. Supplements sellers of today are the old snake oil salesmen of yesterday.

No, supplements don’t help lose fat.

Good luck and good health!!

PS: Protein has the same number of calories as pure sugar (4cal/gm) so don’t listen to anyone telling you to take protein supplements.

Chavo M September 2nd, 2012

that’s really great that you are on a exercise regime and following a good diet. People cheat their diets but deep down they know they are harming themselves only. If you follow you diet you will see the results sooner. When it comes to boost sought of thing its always nice to add something good that will help you bring changes early. here is one such diet program that will help you not ever loose weight but loose weight the effective way. I have personally order it from here and used it. It helped me alot to loose weight and gain my slim body back.

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