How old do I have to be to take acai berries and the colon cleanser thing? April 30, 2012

*annei* asked:

If anyone took this diet, did it work and how much weight did u lose?


desemonaapsyche May 1st, 2012

dont’ do it…it is totally a waste of money!

David s May 4th, 2012

WARNING! Read this before you try Acai Berry!
Thanks to this blog, it helped me a lot to choose the best.

X3 May 4th, 2012

I took it and I lost like, 4 lbs. It’s pretty sick. I’m pretty sure it’ll work for any age.

no_moore May 7th, 2012

I lost 10lbs in 2 months (I know that’s slow, but I love food). It’s not going to be on the berry extract alone. Diet, exercise & massive amounts of water are the key.

Get the berries at. Don’t bother with the free trials, just buy it.

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