Is it possible to buy acai berries locally? November 22, 2012

Doubleweed asked:

Can acai berries be bought at health food stores in California? If so, where? If not, where can I order online for these berries?

It has to be 100% pure Acai Berry – not from concentrate!
It has to be made from Acai Berries processed by freeze drying
It could contain no fillers or additives.

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Baby Girl November 24th, 2012

You could probably find them at a local health food store. However the problem with raw acai is that they loose 90% of the antioxidants before they make it to the U.S. Only MonaVie has found a way to preserve 95% of the antioxidants during shipment so that it is processed and retains the health Benefits.

With 15 times the antioxidants of grapes and twice the antioxidants of blueberries, the Brazilian Acai berry (AH-sci-EE) is considered to have the best nutritional value of any fruit on earth. With the symmetry of a grape and the size of a giant blueberry, the Acai fruit tastes a bit like wild raspberry with a hint of grape. Most people have trouble putting their finger on the taste because it’s so different.

The Acai Berry is a dense source of a particular class of flavonoids called anthocyanins. Acai Berry’s ORAC value (a measure of its antioxidant properties), is higher than any other edible berry on the planet.

The Acai Palm is a tall slender South American (concentrated in Brazil, Guyana, Suriname) palm grown for its fruit as well as for the “cabbage” (the cluster of new leaves more commonly called the “heart of palm”). It prefers swampy areas, and grows quickly. The fronds were (and still are) used for thatching and weaving. Each Acai palm tree produces small deep purple, almost black, fruit (berries) in groups of 3-8 per bunch. The fruit is edible, and its pulp is used in wines, liqueurs, as flavoring, as colorant, and on its own as a juice.

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