when are acai berries in season and where can I find them? November 27, 2012

ericnrosesmom asked:

I’ve read so much about these and want to try them, but I can’t find them in any grocery stores around here. Can you help?

amanda13 November 29th, 2012

idk but mayb this can help çaí_Palm

sweetcaramel_s December 1st, 2012

i know u can buy thema at Walgreens in the capsule for idk about the seed it self

aj December 3rd, 2012

they are an exotic fruit and will be hard to find whole. try the drinks or pills that have them .. fuze has a good drink..

Nancy F December 3rd, 2012

One thing that brought my dieting and losing weight out of the plateau I was in so long was the Acai Berry. I was stuck at my weight loss goals and this brought me through it and made me lose a lot of weight. So in my opinion it helped me lose weight tremendously. I know a lot of that dieting stuff is expensive but I found a free trial of Acai Berry(I think it only cost me like 7-8 bucks at the time for shipping.) The site was theweightlossplace.com – All I did was try it out for a month and I was sold, I saw the results I wanted to and like I said I was in that plateau with my weight loss. This kicked it up a bunch.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Josh C December 3rd, 2012

You will not get fresh Acai in the US. They have a very short shelf life and they need to be correctly freeze dried to be preserved and keep the nutritional value.

I found freeze dried acai capsules at

Hope this helps!

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