Where can I get Acai berries? December 2, 2011

Desiree M asked:

I’ve recently started hearing all these great things about acai berries…where can I get them? Are they sold in the supermarket? I know there are a lot of drinks, pills and powders, which is the best and the safest? I’d rather buy them in the store than order online…

commanderx777 December 3rd, 2011

they sell them here in the frozen area of the grocery store near the frozen fruits like strawberry,mango etc..they are sold frozen here in a little pack for about 8 dollars but .I’ve also seen some kinds of juice made from the Acai berry in the vitamin area of the grocery store.

dudaxbby December 4th, 2011

whole foods.? or any other food market its best to buy frozen fruit, and dont look for fresh ones because u wont find it in the US only in brazil

bleweyez20249 December 5th, 2011

This is the only way that I know of to get it.

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