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Acai Berries? December 6, 2012 5 Comments

gℓιттεя яαιη☂ asked: I ♥ my kitty! Open QuestionShow me another » What is the best acai berry product to use when trying to lose 50 lbs by summer? I would like to lose 50 lbs by June. And I want to try acai berry dieting. Is it best to eat the actual berries, the […]

Does eating Acai berries really help you lose weight? November 6, 2012 1 Comment

Raked asked: Just want real experiences from real people rather than researching on computer because I feel this way I can get REAL answers. Thanks!

What are the acai berries all about? September 8, 2012 6 Comments

rwilder9395 asked: Okay so does the acai juice or the pills make you lose weight? Or what do they do? if not, what kind of vitamin or whatever will? im not talking weight loss pills. plz help 10 points!

Do acai berries really help you lose weight? April 5, 2012 6 Comments

Anonymous asked: I’ve read a few articles, but I’m still really skeptical. I want to hear from someone who really knows before I try, instead of just reading testimonials. I’m looking to lose these last stubborn 20-ish pounds that won’t go away.

what is it in Acai berries that makes you lose weight? January 24, 2012 No Comments

Hairdresser T.O. asked: I have seen alot of banners on myspace about it and wonder if it just another weight loss fad that doesn’t work…

Do acai berries make you lose weight? January 14, 2012 7 Comments

Oopma Loompa asked: Do acai berries really make you lose weight and how? Also do the real berries make you lose weight or is it just the pill things?

do acai berries really help you lose weight? December 14, 2011 6 Comments

woo-hoo! asked: i have heard so many great things about acai berries, but i’m not so sure if it’s true or if it’s all smoke and mirrors? if it is true then where can i get a free trial offer? can i still get one if i don’t have a credit card (if so where)? […]

Anyone on here ever try acai berries to lose weight? November 18, 2011 4 Comments

Nina asked: Do acai berry supplements really help you lose weight? I want answers from people who have actually tried it. Thanks!

Can you find Acai Berries anywhere else other than the internet? October 24, 2011 6 Comments

whatsherface asked: I heard about these Acai Berries that help you lose weight and help you in a whole bunch of other ways. So i looked it up and i see alot of websites offering these berrys. I’m thinking of buying these Acai Berrys but i dont have a credit card so i cant order […]

How do acai berries help you lose weight? October 10, 2011 2 Comments

Girl With Hair asked: also, where do you think i could find them?