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What is the real acai berry supplement deal? September 29, 2009 30 Comments

vallie asked: I’m hearing a lot about scams of the acai berry supplements. Which is real? I didn’t order acai berry yet but I called the number for the extreme acai berry and it said it does not exist. So I don’t know which is real, And do these really work? How long does it […]

Acai Berry Scam Blogs July 26, 2009 No Comments

Blogs are a source of information for many consumers that seek insight to the powers of the Acai berry powers. Blogs are often a great source of information that can lead the consumer to areas where the product can be located and can help the consumer to learn information about the products, the benefits of […]

Fake Acai Berry Testimonials No Comments

Acai berries have become so popular that there have been many business owners that have taken advantage of the product to create fake testimonials in order to sell as many products as possible. Many of these products don’t even contain legitimate Acai berry products and therefore will not contain the powerful antioxidant properties which are […]

Acai Berry Scam Warning! March 21, 2009 3 Comments

When you hear about a great product that has such wonderful benefits as the Acai Berry, you may find yourself searching the Internet for more information on such an amazing product. The problem is that when there is a good product out there a lot of people try to find ways to make money off […]