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Where can I get acai berries or the supplement? June 26, 2012 6 Comments

Alicia G asked: Hi, i just heard that acai berries or acai berry supplements are really good and flush fat away. But i really want to know where to get them…any of u guys know? thnxx =)

What are the benefits of Acai berries? February 24, 2012 5 Comments

Jane C asked: I’ve been looking in to Acai supplements on this website and I want to know if those products are really legitimate? What are the real benefits of the acai berry? How does it make you lose weight? How much weight is it possible to lose? Will it make me more healthy?

Anyone on here ever try acai berries to lose weight? November 18, 2011 4 Comments

Nina asked: Do acai berry supplements really help you lose weight? I want answers from people who have actually tried it. Thanks!

What is the real acai berry supplement deal? September 29, 2009 30 Comments

vallie asked: I’m hearing a lot about scams of the acai berry supplements. Which is real? I didn’t order acai berry yet but I called the number for the extreme acai berry and it said it does not exist. So I don’t know which is real, And do these really work? How long does it […]

Does the Acai berry supplement and colon cleanse thing really work? September 8, 2009 7 Comments

Andie Pez asked: I have heard the Acai berry and Colon cleanse “diet” works really well. I am iffy on taking these supplements – do they work? what kind of effects will it have? If I take this am I going to be in the bathroom all day and night?